Directorate Generals and Offices Directorate Generals and Offices

  1. Research, study Dissemination Directorate Genetral
  2. Pastoralist Development Directorate General
  3. Semi Agriculturalist Development Directorate General
  4. Religon & Faith Affairs Directorate General
  5. Civic Societies & Professional Associations Directorate General
  6. Early Warning and Response System Implementation Directorate General
  7. Culture of Peace Building and Indoctrination Directorate General
  8. Inter-governmental Relations Directorate General
  9. Planning, Budget Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate
  10. Hunan Resource Development and Management Directorate
  11. Finance and performance Directorate
  12. Information, communication Technology Directorate
  13. Communication Affairs Directorate
  14. Finance and Procurement Directorate
  15. Change Management and Good governance Directorate
  16. Property, Office Administration and General Service Directorate
  17. Women and Youth Affairs Directorate
  18. legal Service Directorate