Mandate and Responsibilities Mandate and Responsibilities

Mandates and Responsibilities of the Ministry

  • Cooperates, with concerned federal and regional state organs in maintaining public order;
  • Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 48 and 62(6) of the constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, facilities the resolution of disputes arising between regional states;
  • Without  prejudice to the provisions of the relevant laws and upon requests of the regional states, devises and implements sustainable political solutions for disputes and conflicts that may arises within regional states;
  • Coordinates the implementation of decisions authorizing the intervention of the federal government in the affairs of regional states;
  • Serves as a focal point in creating good federal regional relationship and cooperation based on mutual understanding and partnership and thereby strengthen the federal system;
  • Provide assistance to regional states particularly to those deserving special support;
  • Works in collaboration with pertinent government organs, religious institutions and other organs to ensure that peace and mutual respect will prevail among followers of different religious and beliefs, and to be able to prevent conflicts; register religious organizations and associations;
  • Ensures the proper execution of functions relating to federal police, federal prisons and minesweeping;
  • Issues permit  for the possession or use of arms, firearms and explosives; determines condition applicable for the selling and repairing of arms fire arms;
  • Ensures the proper execution at the federal level of functions relating to the registration of charities and societies;
  • The Power and duties given to the Ministry of Justice, with respect to matters relating to charities and societies, by the provisions of others laws, currently in force, are hereby given to the Ministry of federal and Pastoralists  Development Affairs.